Samsung Superstar Galaxy Turns 9M+ Players Into Popstars 

Our plan for Superstar Galaxy seemed simple enough: what if we gave Roblox players the power to star in their own metaverse concerts?

Then our instellar popstar simulator started snowballing.

“Well they’ll need a popstar mentor...” Enter Charli XCX.

“We want a robust world...” Three stages and six minigame areas in one massive space station.

“And they’ll need a lot to do!” So bring on the custom stages, unlockable wardrobe, and a big finale concert starring Charli herself.

It was a massive undertaking, and my partner and I directed all of it: game design and development, motion capture sessions, campaign assets, verch launches, Charli’s posts, countless decks for Roblox, developer, client, agency, brand partners... And it was a dream come true.

Experience it for yourself: 
Play Samsung Superstar Galaxy on Roblox 

Art Director:  Daniel Edelman 
Agency:  BBH