Launching a Mobile Masterpiece for Snap Games

Bitmoji Paint is Snap’s biggest game to date, allowing tens of thousands of users to paint the same planetary canvas (and critique each other’s creations) in real time.

As Snap Inc.’s social AOR, Giant Spoon was tasked with introducing this mobile MMO to the masses, while hitting on Snapchat’s “For Real Friends” positioning.

Kianna Hendricks (copy / strat) and Genevieve Geller (art director) identified a great opprotunity to partner with influencers known for being IRL besties. We explored hype houses and IG ride-or-dies before landing in a space that made a ton of sense for gamers: Twitch streamers.

Actual friends WhatIfJulia, julien, and Chris Melberger would not only play the game live on Twitch (a first for Snap Games), but also be the faces of our launch, providing everything we need for our social collateral via no more than a couple hours of playtime and content capture.

In a stroke of genius from the team, we also  recreated their Bitmoji to film our own scenes in-game as their avatars. Brilliant.