Gamer Brains Quiz
for OMEN

Pro-Tip: Skip the description and  take the quiz for yourself. 

OMEN (HP’s line of PC gaming hardware) believes that gaming makes brains better—and they’ve got some hard data to back it up. Response time, critical thinking, even social satisfaction are often higher in people who play games.

But gaming does more than improve our minds. In many ways, the games we play can shape our personalities.

With this in mind, the Giant Spoon team set out to make a sort of Myers-Briggs for gamers. One that visualizes their “gamer brain” as an enticing, animated piece of art. Each result would come with an in-depth description, complete with all the bittersweet, but oh-so-shareable trappings of an astrological sign.

Gamer Brains - Social and Pre-Roll Teaser

Making the Quiz

Gamer Brains is, in a lot of ways, a culmination. It’s the most “me” copy that I’ve written in my thirteen-year career. It was our final victory lap as OMEN’s social AOR. And it is the last project that I worked on with Tiberiu Sirbu, my art partner on the account.

Tibi and I were often torn on projects. He makes great work through analysis and objectivity, where as I tend to follow the fun and go with my gut. We talked about these differences constantly, equally fascinated by one another, and by the end, we really perfected our dynamic.

This was the climactic conclusion to that relationship, and I think it comes through in the work. Not only does Gamer Brains offer the perfect balance of pseudo-scientific left brain and ultra silly right brain, but it’s also a literal (and beautiful) visualization of those differences in our thinking patterns.

Art Director:  Tiberiu Sirbu  | Strategist:  Jeffrey Kieslich  | Account:  Jamie Samuel 
Brain Design / Motion: Method Studio  | Website:  Media Monks