Stunty Sweepstakes for Season 2

FX Networks reached out to Giant Spoon for a big IRL experience to launch DAVE Season 2, but with the pandemic still going strong, a Westworld-esque event was out of the question.

Our solution? DAVE DROPS—a stunty sweepstakes that delivered the Season 2 experience right to fans’ doorsteps. Backpacks full of DAVE prizes were dropped off to winners via DAVE Drone, DAVEbot, and my favorite, Anteater Mobile.


The Crew

There were a ton of moving pieces on DAVE DROPS. Influencer posts, Hulu pre-roll, motion assets for social, the sweeps landing page... not to mention actually building the delivery methods and driving them around the country for a three-city shoot.

I worked as creative lead and anteater operator on the project with my partner Emil and the entire Giant Spoon experiential team.


CD, Art:  Emil Nisowski 
Production:  Sarah Novosad  and  Savannah Griffith 
Motion:  Damian Riddell 
Editor:  Dave Grosclose 
Agency:  Giant Spoon 
Site Design / Dev:  CTHDRL 
Video / Drones:  Drone Dudes 
Fabrication / Logistics: Pierre Brodeur