Hacking Experiential for Call of Duty: Warzone 

Season 3 was set to be the most explosive Warzone event yet. Activision was dropping a nuke on Verdansk and sending the in-game city back in time to 1984. But for 24 hours after the big bang, 100 million players would be in the dark, dying to know what was next.

Enter Rebirth from the Ashes, a limited time experience that put players in the role of a Russian hacker. If Warzone diehards wanted info about the upcoming season (and the big time travel reveal), they would have to decrypt and decode their way to the details before the clock ran out.

Although digital experiences were nothing new for our Giant Spoon team, this was the first time that a piece of fiction spun up by our creatives would appear in a video game—let alone the most popular battle royale on the planet.

Experience it for yourself:  Rebirthfromtheashes.com 

Art Director:  Elias Stern  | Strategist:  JM Herrmann 
Producer:  Margaret Morici Schmidt 
Site:  CTHDRL  | Story:  Armed MInd