Launching Snap Spotlight

In case you haven’t heard, Spotlight is a new channel on Snapchat. Basically it lets you watch way too many Snaps, back to back, all in an endless scroll.

To launch this new, UGC-focused platofrm, Snap wanted a motion template to inform social reshares, YouTube compilations, Snap Ads... Anything and everything Spotlight.

We created a slew of launch assets, including some really great sizzles made with my go-to video crew,  Media Team. 

OMEN Squad Player Cards

Part incubator and part sponsorship, the OMEN Squad program shines a spotlight on up-and-coming streamers, giving them a frequent spot on Twitch’s front page and hooking them up with HP’s PC gaming hardware.

These digital player cards, made for OMEN social, marked our first time meeting the Squad in person, and for many of them, their first time on a real set! We used the downtime to play games, eat Korean BBQ, and get to know the talent.

To inform the back of the cards, we asked ten questions about the Squad and their content, using direct quotes for the copy and letting the streamers speak for themselves.

Highlighting Black Lens Creators for Snapchat

As Snap’s social AOR, we got out over 500 assets between Sepetember 2020 and March 2021.

But this series, created by  Sasha Verma  (copy) and  Jourdan Hull  (art), is my favorite.

The videos feature Black 3D artists and the Snap Lenses they created for Black History Month. Often the folks behind the scenes at Snap were off limits to us, but we were insistent that  Mike  and  Kathryn  should speak to their own work, and what the Lenses mean to them.

OMEN Gaming Labs at TwitchCon

The OMEN booth at TwitchCon 2019 was all set up to be an interactive test of gamer attributes: reaction time, pattern recognition, etc. Only one problem: they didn’t have a narrative to go with it.

So our social team came up with a wrapper that would work for not only the booth experience, but the event coverage and lead up sweepstakes.