I’m Travis Broyles.
I make good creative and I play games.

At 18, I won a contest for a copywriting internship at VML in Atlanta. It made my parents proud, but my manager at Domino’s was disappointed. 

For the last thirteen years, I’ve focused on digital projects that people like to see in their feed, most recently for Giant Spoon.

I got shot with paintballs for a Four Loko livestream. Drove a remote control anteater for DAVE on FX. Built an Animal Crossing island for Joe Biden. And nuked 100,000,000 players in Call of Duty: Warzone.

I’m currently freelancing in Los Angeles with my partner Lacey and our two dogs, Lucca and Uncle Junior. I co-host a podcast about designing dungeons. I stream infrequently on Twitch. And I try to enjoy every sandwich.

Agencies: Giant Spoon, Chemistry, Razorfish, Studiocom / VML

Clients: Activision, FX Studios, Snapchat, OMEN by HP, Amazon Studios, Biden / Harris 2020, James Beard Foundation, Four Loko, Arcade1Up, Red Bull, Highlights Magazine, Kleenex, McCormick, Netflix, HBO, 3BLACKDOT, Z by HP

Currently Playing: Hades, Apex Legends, Mario Golf: Super Rush, Going Under, Chess.com